Update juli 2020

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Update juli 2020

We have not been sitting idle in the past period. After an intensive search, we have found a new temporary residential address. Since June 1, the four of us have been living in an apartment in Oostkapelle. It is a beautiful spot on the edge of the forest and a five-minute walk from the beach. We are glad to be living here at the moment.

We now have a location for Hineni Zeeland in sight, which we are very enthusiastic about. It is an oasis of peace, hidden in the green. Really a place as we envisioned. Talks with the municipality of Veere, broker and accountant are in full swing. Especially the financial part is a big challenge. We trust that all the pieces will fall together and that what is needed will be provided, if this is the right location. It is an exciting time, but we are hopeful.

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