Update April 2020

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Update April 2020

Amid all the “corona unrest”, we as Hineni Zeeland must also focus our attention on the next phase.

The time in our temporary rental home is almost over, the house has been sold. Because we have not yet found a suitable location for our project, we are now looking for another temporary rental home. We do not have much time, because by June 1 we have to be out of this house, this means that we have to move in about a month!

As a team we had an encouraging time in Zoutelande. Despite the fact that we have to relocate again shortly and this of course also entails tension, we are doing well and we have the impression that we are on the right track. This gives us confidence for the future.

Het vinden van een  locatie blijft natuurlijk een belangrijk punt, daarnaast het vinden van tijdelijke woonruimte op korte termijn (uiterlijk half mei).

If you have any tips regarding a rental location and / or a location for our project, we would like to hear from you.

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