How Hineni started

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Het ontstaan van Hineni Zeeland

We are two couples, Hans and Wilma Dieleman and Wim and Lianne Pleijte. Wilma and Lianne are sisters and as couples we have been friends for years. It is our desire to make a difference in the lives of people.

About 10 years ago, the dream already arose to create a living place together of peace and space where people can (re)discover themselves and / or God. This in a setting of interction, taking care of each other and nature. Working together in and around the house, such as working in the (vegetable) garden or maintenance of buildings, can be a nice challenge for people to be able to tell their story in a relaxed manner. We experience that it is now time to realize this dream. We believe that this dream was born in the heart of God. It is His desire to make his love and care visible and tangible through people.

Our goal and passion is that our guests will begin to see a new life perspective, make new choices and take steps towards a more stable and more hopeful future.

Through our experience in interaction with people we have become convinced that the way people stay with us, as described elsewhere, can be of great significance for the guests. We believe that every person is valuable and that everyone has the need to be known and to experience connectedness. We believe this is an important basis for recovery.

One of our motives to start this project is that we don't want to keep the opportunities and resources that we have received for ourselves.

All four of us have built up a rich life experience which has honed people skills as well ad our knowledge of human nature. Our life is our passion: caring for and loving our fellow human beings, offering a listening ear, giving practical help / support, being hospitable, etc. Over the past years, Each of us have been involved in several areas of society.

The knowledge, training and experience that we have gained over the past decades will be used in this project.

Our Christianity motivates us to be there for others from the perspective and healing we have received ourselves.