Update October 2020

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Update October 2020


Since our last newsletter 3 months ago, major steps have been taken, because we signed the contract for the location in Oostkapelle in the south west of The Netherlands. It is an plot of 3.5 hectares, with a house, an apartment and a large barn. There is also a small campsite with 15 pitches (called “De Vijver”) all of which is surrounded by trees and bushes. It is beautiful and wonderfully quiet. A pond divides the plot into two.

The process we have completed so far has been intensive, but at the same time it also brought about good things. We did a lot of planning and thinking and had discussions with all kinds of people and including those working in municipality. 

We were put in touch with a private investor through one of the people who think alike and advised us in various fields . Together with him and his wife we have special conversations and we came to an agreement, for which we are very happy and grateful.

There has been a lot of consultation with the municipality about issues concerning the puchase of the property. 

It was great to experience that specialist help came our way in a number of situations. 

We will move to the new place in early March 2021. Our plan is to primarily focus our attention on operating the campsite. The target group is adults /people looking for a quiet environment. We want to continue this because it is in line with our vision of offering peaceful surroundings.

We want to shape the project step by step. Much remains to be done on the site and to the buildings. The realisation of all plans will be a process depending on available resources and possibilities.

The first spaces we want to create are a chapel and a room to meet up and organise daytime activities, so that we can start implementing them as quickly as possible.

The coming months will certainly pass quickly because there is still a lot of work to be done before we can live in this wonderful place!

As we look back on this period, we are grateful to God for His loving support through all of the ups and downs and for His guidance and provision in carrying out the mission He has given us.

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  1. Willy Kroes says:

    Van harte gefeli iteerd.
    Ik wens jullie van harye Hodszegen toe in de volgende stappen.
    Hartelijk shalom, Willy Kroes

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