State of affairs August 2019

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State of affairs August 2019

We have sold both our houses. To date, we have not yet found a suitable location. We are looking for possibilities for a suitable plot with buildings where we can realize our plans. A residential farm or former catering facility is being considered in the rural area, preferably near the coast of Walcheren.
We prefer a plot with at least two (possibly still to be created) residential units, thereby realizing possibilities for guests to stay in existing or yet to be created spaces on the site. For example, we are thinking of a large shed where studios are present or can be made.
We take steps in faith and we believe that God will provide a place where we can realize this project and the necessary finances. Until then, we will be staying at a rental location from 1 September.
If you think you can help us in these things, you can contact us via the contact page. On May 23, "The foundation Hineni Zeeland" was registered with the notary, we were registered at the Chamber of Commerce and we opened an account number. We would like to obtain ANBI status.

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